How to Fix Strap of Smartwatch


Smartwatch is a very precious device for its owner. So, if you are an owner and somehow have got a smartwatch with a broken strap, you are definitely in great pain. That is why you have come to this article. Let us see how to fix the strap of the smartwatch.

The Solution:

Now, you have to be realistic. Fix is just a temporary solution. Why? Then let us then take a look at the possible solutions to this problem.

Temporary solution:

There are various types of straps. They can be rubber, silicone, or leather. If they are silicone or rubber, maybe you can do some fixing with super glue although they may not hold forever. But if your strap is of leather, maybe you can sew them up together as a temporary solution of course. But it is always a better solution to get a professional to fix it for you.

As for me, I have an Amazfit Pace watch with no strap at all. So, all I did is, I went to the sports shop and bought a wristband – like the tennis players wear.

I wear it and put the clock under the band and that’s it. I run, walk and go to the gym with no problem. It is not just the strap, even one of the holders where you lock one side of the strap is broken. So, I cannot use a strap even if I wanted to.

Long term solution:

The long-term solution would be to buy a new suitable strap for your smartwatch. Hope this solution works for you.


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