How to Delete Your Telegram Account


Telegram a popular instant messaging services that focusses on speed and security. It is available as a free app on both Android and iOS and can be run on multiple devices at the same time with the same Telegram account.

It is easy to sing up to Telegram as all you need to do is put in your phone number in the app. Deleting your account is a simple process as well so in case you want to delete your Telegram account, read on.

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Deleting your Telegram account will remove all your data from Telegram’s system. Messages, groups, and contacts associated with the account will be deleted. The groups that you have created will remain and their members will be able to still chat with each other. Admins of these groups will retain their rights.

It is irreversible and so if you log back in with the same number, you will appear as a new user and your contacts will be notified. Also, you will need to have access to the device on which Telegram is installed. Telegram recommends deleting your account via a non-mobile browser.

How to delete Telegram account

  1. Head to, preferably from a desktop browser.

  2. You will be asked to provide your phone number with the area code. Once done, click Next.

  3. You will be sent a confirmation code on the Telegram app on your device as a message from Telegram.

  4. Head back to the browser and enter the code. Click on Sign in.

  5. You will see ‘Your Telegram Core’ page and three options on this page — API development tools, Delete account, and Log out. Click on Delete account.

  6. On the next page, you see your phone number already entered and a space to let Telegram know why you are deleting your account, that is optional.

  7. Click on the Delete My Account button.

  8. You will now see a pop-up that has the option Yes, delete my account. Click on it. (There will also be an option to return back).

  9. Your Telegram account should now be deleted.


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