How tight should Smartwatch Be


It is amazing how people become so nervous when they do not have a proper manual or instruction for something new to them. I mean, it is just a smartwatch which is nothing but a watch from the outside, yet this creates so much confusion that people go to google’s website and type the question ‘how tight should smartwatch be’. So, let us be short and quick with the answer.

The Answer:

Smartwatches are mainly made for your wrists but there are some divergences. There are some bands that you can also wear above your leg. Now, that’s that, let us move to the main part of the answer.

To be precise, if you wear your smartwatch loosely, you will not get a proper reading of BPM, or blood-oxygen, etc., rates. But what happens when you wear your smartwatch too tightly? Let us pay a visit to a particular disease called vascular disease.

This particular disease is directly related to veins and arteries. We inhale oxygen-rich air in our body through our nose and the oxygen is filtered into our bloodstream and this blood flows to each and every body part via a type of hose called artery. Oxygen-rich blood flows from the heart to the fingertips of our hands and then the flow travels back to the lungs via heart. On our wrist, there are ulnar and radial arteries. They branch out and blood travels through them back and forth.

But vascular disease occurs when blood flow is hindered. The compressive vascular disease will occur when arteries are tightened and squeezed too much and blood cannot travel properly. So, if you make the wristband of the smartwatch way too much, you may suffer from this later.


The solution is easy. Wear the band ‘comfortably’ in a way that it is not too loose and hinders the reading. On the other hand, we cannot tighten it so much that we suffer from vascular disease. So, you have to find the correct tightness for your own wrist.


We hope that this article answers the question ‘how tight should smartwatch be’. Never put excess pressure on your arteries.


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