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Now lets see the FreshDesk Review and its features with savings options using FreshDesk Coupon Code. Every small or big organisation worry about how to give best customer service to there clients, i can say why to worry when FreshDesk is live for every business owners, Freshdesk is a helpdesk and customer service solution to give great customer support.

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FrehDesk Review About it

Here start the FreshDesk Review looking for, Freshdesk is very easy to operate, this suits to all sizes of business. More then 150,000 businesses caress industries like HP, Harvard University, DHL, Bridgestone believe Freshdesk for there company customer service requirements

Features Of Fresh Desk

  • TeamBox: Its better if you get clarity to your support workflow incoming requests to your support email converted into helpdesk tickets and helpdesk assign to right agent automatically.
  • Agent Collision Detection : FreshDesk software states and check on the same ticket multiple times where the agent should not assign or work
  • SLA Management : SLA states for Service Level Agreement. with SLA customer an expect when they can expect a response or answer regarding there problem or raised ticket.
  • Custom Ticket Status : When ticket is raised from the customer, you can edit the statuses of ticket according to workflow to know the customer at what stage his/her ticket is in.
  • Scenario Automation : FreshDesk can perform multiple actions on ticket with just a single click with automating repeated actions
  • Canned Responses : For small and simple issues or problem you can provide fast and better answers to common questions by adding pre formatted replies in Freshdesk
  • Team Huddle: Some tickets cant be resolved with one agent on first attempt, in Freshdesk you can discuss regarding ticket with experts across the company to get best and quick solution
  • Share OwnerShip: If the ticket not solved with you then you can share the ownership of ticket with other teammates without losing the client by making best solution and answered to client quiry
  • Linked Ticket: When the solution of ticket not done by one, you can link with seniors or managers to this ticket, make the quick response and answer for this ticket.
  • Email : You can keep conversation of ticket through email what is the status of ticket with client
  • Phone: With FreshDesk you can setup a call centre and call get record and track, call may convert into tickets or leads.
  • Chat : Some people doesnt like calling, answer the calls regarding the status of ticket, this kid of people love to chat with Freshdesk you can engage, support and retain client through live chat.
  • Social Media: Social Media is powerful tool these days everyone is this world are live in this pages, Freshdesk integrate and manages your company Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Website: In your website a form pop up will be appeared where the customer can raise the ticket and any quiry regarding product and transaction.

These days companies are providing good stellar customer experience and avoid churn . 99.9% customers are interested to communicate in seamless methods with communication methods. No one have time stay in line and connect with know about there issues which are raised from there end regarding ticket.

Now a days every company is looking to make a Omnichannel customer engagement an average of 90% to their customers. Just develop your brand presence on new commication channels which give new experience to customers without hassle.

So, expanding your brand’s presence, as well as support, on new channels of communication will help improve the customer experience you deliver. Here’s how you can go about identifying new channels to provide support.

Based on survey conducted check the below flowchat that are gaining popularity these days

In this survey we noticed that 65% citizen like to communicate through  smartphones and other mobile devices for customer support. Everyone have smartphone in there mobiles any minute they can raise the ticket or communicate about the issues about the product. A client can do mobile first messaging app such as Whasapp chat. Apple Business Chat, Chatbot popular these days for best support for communication.

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