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Hey guys checkout genuine Elokenz Review. Elokenx is a content marketing tool. I guess you have idea of Bufferapp it is same similar to the Bufferapp. Buy with Elokenz Discount Code to make savings. Do you want to engage viewers of your site get this new content marketing automation tool which is made for contact marketers, bloggers and SEO consultants.

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Steps How To Use Elokenz To Share Content

Set Up Your RSS Feed Library

Hey guys i love these type of RS libraries. you can keep tracking on your content helps you to share on regular basis. pick your choice of blogs from the web which is related to your niche. Update in their RSS feeds and once updation done in RSS they are ready to go. With this progress it hepls you yo share other’s blog or website interesting content on social pages regularly. do you remember 80/20 rule when you learn digital marketing this rule will you know, just keep sharing others content 80% of the time, work on your content sharing 20% all time.

Pick Your Social Network Profiles

Add your social pages like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to Elokenz professional suit. you can add up to 25 social profiles in proffessional version.

Set Up Your Scheduling Calendar

Now a days no one have time to post articles on time or on specific days beacause of busy schedules with Elokenz you can posts your posts on specific time or specific day without your presence. Makesure to set your location and timezone when you are updated your post for scheduling. Relax your post will be updated on time as you set on your Dashboard of Elokenz

Then Start Your Re-Posts

The best part of Elokenz is you can decide when and which post to share from your library. Work on others RSS feed so you can share others content no all your own content. This feeds and other status you can view in the dashboard which post received more clickson which post people are interested than others, with this details you can edit the post of your tweet to receive more clicks. You will receive details of this clicks and other information through rmail when you use Elokenz.

Why Elokenz Is Different When Compare To Other Softwares

When you compare with other software like buffers with Elokenz you can set up reports it give different options about the copy of your post. Sounds Nice!! you can tweet different posts or posting or updated the message of post different in Facebook or Linkedin. It works like Buffer only but Buffer dont give suggestions about the post like Elokenz does.

Using Elokenz you can reports about the performance of post and how many clicks got on post. With Elokenz you content will be reposted with different content when you are posting in Linkedin or Facebook. Unique content that works for long time, Unique content build the engage of your post. Reposting with different content posting in social pages is last forever. you can save time with time sensitive posts. This feature i love when i use Elokenz.

Elokenz automation is not fully automated. You can control sharing of your posts and checkout which posts do better, set things to report automatically. it would be ike a/b testing testing for your shares.

Another best feature of Elokenz it shares email on a regular basis. On dashboard of Elokenz you can view which shared get clicks or not.

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