Different Types Of Smart Watch Straps


It is not just the dial or the core of a smartwatch that attracts you, the straps also take a big part seducing you into buying a fine-looking smartwatch that will sit on your wrist for a long time.

Therefore, you should at least know about the straps available for your smartwatch, because you may want to change or souffle them for various occasions. If you do not know your straps, then you will not be able to enjoy the full decorative potential of your smartwatch.

In this article, we will try to answer how many types of smart watch straps are there.

Smartwatch Straps:

Let us begin with a tour of the strap gallery. We will try to learn what type of smartwatch straps are available.


Metal straps or bracelets for watches are dear to many people, not just the senior citizens. It stands for class, status, and social distinction for certain groups of people. Usually, we see precious metals like platinum and gold, and stainless steel as metallic bracelets.


This is another type of very common strap. Pure leather is also very dear to some people as pure leather is not cheap. Apart from cowhides, there are other options available from exotic animals such as crocodile or Kangaroo hides. As you can tell, the exotic is not for mainstream people.


This is the most mainstream strap of all. People from all walks of life use this because it is cheaper than the other mentioned above. There is another reason for its utility. It is water-resistant. So, if you workout regularly or have a water-related job, rubber straps are the best.


After rubber, a new kind of strap has come out – silicone. They are not as hard as rubber, but they are pliable. But it is not just the pliability that makes these kinds of straps super popular. They are also water-resistant, more comfortable, and some even have a nice scent and antibacterial properties to them.


This type of strap is super casual and liked by people who love a casual way of life. They are very durable too. The history of nylon straps can be traced back to the military as its origin.


These straps feel like nylon straps to some extent. Instead, the materials used in canvas straps are natural. The nylon strap has synthetic materials. But if you are looking for synthetic, there are synthetic canvas materials too.


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