Are smartwatches worth buying?


Let us be honest. When has new technology ever prevented us buying it? If you are using a smartphone now, it means once you had an old handphone without any operating system like iOS or Android, or Windows. We are talking about the old Nokia bar or clamshell phones. Whenever a new tech came out, we saved up money to buy and test it or use it ourselves.

Now, smartwatch is a fairly new development in the wrist watch market. Although it came out many years back, you have taken notice now. So, you are asking ‘are smartwatches worth buying’. Well, the answer is a bit long. We will try to explain step by step whether smartwatches are worth buying or not.


Simply put, if a watch can do smart things like a mini-computer, it is called a smart watch. We will now tell you what smart things it can do for you. Then you can decide whether to buy or not. Although more and more people are buying this mini-computer all over the world.

Usual features of a smart watch:

  1. The first thing a smart watch does is just like any other watch it can tell you time.
  2. You can track the calendar.
  3. You can see the weather reading.
  4. It can act as a pedometer and a heart rate monitor.
  5. It can track GPS as you travel from one to the other places.
  6. Some smart watches can do language translation for you.
  7. Smart watches can track your calorie burn as you do workouts.
  8. Some of the smartwatches have games too.
  9. It can connect to your cell phone and play songs.
  10. It can show notifications from your cell phone.
  11. Some smartwatches can show you how much you have climbed during your hike.
  12. Smart watches can also take photos.
  13. Many smartwatches have compasses.
  14. Smartwatches can tell you how fast you are moving.
  15. Nowadays, smartwatches can hold sim cards and help you communicate with others just like a smartphone.
  16. It can read temperature, humidity, and can act as weather reading for you.

From here, you can decide if you want to buy a smartwatch or not. From our point of view, if you have the money, you should buy a smartwatch.


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