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INSANITY Fitness Review – Day 2

insanity fitnessIt’s the second day of the INSANITY fitness program and things are about to go from hard to extreme. If you’re like me, and you felt that the fitness test was a real strain of your fitness level, then the Plyometric Cardio circuit is going to leave you feeling even more exhausted. The Plyometric workout is made up of a strong series of intense workouts that are guaranteed to push you close to your limits. When they talk about the insanity workouts being extreme this is part of what they mean. I can guarantee that you will not have experience anything similar to this. Most people who do this routine end up folding half way through. There are two things which you will require in order to get through this exercise. Determination and a strong level of fitness. If you have those then you will be fine.

The entire duration of this Insanity fitness workout is billed to last for at least 45 minutes. This includes the usual routines of warm-ups, physical stretches, the main workout and the closing cool down routines. The workout last about 20 minute and even though it is undeniably tough, it definitely doesn’t feel impossible.

Warm Up
Each of the exercises found in the warm up routine are repeated thrice. Each set is basically the same except for the increase in speed and intensity that is found with the next cycle. You will therefore begin with a fast set, followed by an even more brisk second and then a really intense third. As can be imagined, you’ll end up being so worked up it’ll be hard to believe that this is just the warm up. If this is your first time trying this workout, it might be a good idea to do a bit of light warm up before starting Shaun T’s version of a warm up. It’ll help you get through them much better.

The exercises which are found in the warm up include:

  1. Jogging
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Heismans
  4. 1-2-3’s
  5. Butt Kicks
  6. High Knees
  7. Mummy Kicks

Once you’re done you’ll be given a 25 second water break. Be careful not to drink too much at once though.

After the intense session of the warm ups, these stretching exercises might appear to be almost a period of break because of their relative ease. They aren’t breaks though. These exercises are intended on preparing your muscles for the workout which will be coming next. Shaun T provides good guidance and keeps the tempo up throughout this routine. Stretches last for about 5 minutes before being concluded with a 25 second water break. The next step is the main workout and if you’re not ready yet then you’re in big trouble.

Main Workout
There are four different parts in the workout routine. These include the Suicide drills, the basketball drills, the attacks and lastly the football drills. All the named drills are executed in the same sequence of three that is found in the warm. You repeat each of them three times whilst improving your pace before moving unto the next one. The “attacks” is the last part to be addressed.

Suicide Drills
As far as the workout exercises go, these are the easiest of all four parts. They consist of the following four routines

  1. Suicide Drills
  2. Power Squats
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Ski Down.

Once you have completed these you will be given another water break, this time lasting for 30 seconds. Once it is up, you will be ready to begin the next stage.

insanity fitness reviewFootball Drills
These are not the most difficult of the workout exercises but they are definitely more intense and demanding than suicide drills. In order to perform them you start with your hands in front of you as if you are about to catch baseball which is being thrown at you. Then, whist squatting you will to run in place. Your feet are not supposed to be raised more than a few inches from the floor. Shaun T will provide extra instructions whilst you are doing this. Follow these all through.
You’ll have another 25 seconds after this to take yet another break. Make the most of it because the workout will be getting even more difficult.

Basketball Drills
Considering you’re just emerging from 20 minutes of warm up, stretches and two sets of workouts you’ll also be pretty exhausted by the time this drill begins. This is unfortunate because the basketball drills are certainly the hardest part of the entire workout. They involved pushups, mountain climbers and ski drills. You’ll then have your muscles yelling murder whilst Shaun T guides you through a rigorous cycle of In and Outs. I won’t lie. It’ll be difficult but then again that’s what the insanity fitness program is all about isn’t it?

The attacks mark the final set of the workout and you’ll be so glad to finally get to this point that you’ll probably find the inner strength to finish them. Like the name suggests, you’ll be asked to execute a number of attack routines. You’ll perform boxing jabs from a boxing position. Then you’ll get into cross jacks and upper courts. By the time you’re through with this you’ll be really tired and exhausted. That’s okay; once you enjoy your thirty second water break all you’ll need to do is perform your basic cool down stretch routines. It’s important that you get proper stretches in. Without these your muscles will end up feeling sore and raw.

And that’s it. You’ll feel like you’ve been through a month long exercise routine but you haven’t. It’s only lasted 40 minutes and in another 24 hours, it’s bound to begin again.


  1. Kevin says:

    I’m not an extreme fitness buff but I do keep in pretty good shape by playing basketball and other general exercise. Do you think the insanity workout would be a good choice for be to start getting into better shape?

  2. Admin says:

    @ Kevin, I’m not giving medical advice here (so check with your doctor) but I definitely think that a generally athletic person can do the Insanity Workout. I would just recommend that you don’t push yourself too hard too quickly and listen to your body.

    If you stick with it, I’m positive you’ll see a huge improvement in your fitness level within a few weeks.

  3. Justin M says:

    I’ve been doing insanity for 5 weeks already and I agree that anyone who commits themselves to this program will see serious results really quickly.

    I also noticed that the more results I see, the more motivated I am for the next day’s workout.

  4. Tori says:

    I just heard about the insanity workout and am really interested in trying it, but not sure if its a gimmick or not. I used to be very athletic, but over the past 2 years stopped and gained a lot of weight, close to 100 lbs. :-( . Do you think this program will work for someone that is that over weight? I don’t expect to immediately gt back my original shape or have a six pack, but I’m looking for something where I can see the results.

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