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Hi there, sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while.

I was wasting time on YouTube this morning and I found a couple of great video reviews of Brazil Butt Lift. I’ve posted the best videos here so you can watch them for your yourself before you buy Brazil Butt Lift. There were also a bunch of dumb BBL videos on Youtube that I don’t recommend you waste your time with (However, if you really want to see them, then click here to see all the youtube results for brazil butt lift reviews).

Click here to visit the Official Brazil Butt Lift Website

Click here to visit the Official Brazil Butt Lift Website

Brazil Butt Lift in the News

Hey Everyone, I just came across this great compilation of TV news reports talking about how popular the Brazil Butt Lift workout is. Every time I watch these videos, I’m reminded of how much fun the workouts are and I just want to pull out my DVDs to start exercising :)

This video also includes a really inspiring story about a newlywed couple who both quickly put on a lot weight and then used Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift program to lose over 30 pounds each!

Whether you’ve already started doing Leandro’s program or you are planning to start Brazil Butt Lift soon, I think you’ll really enjoy this video.

Click here to visit the Brazil Butt Lift website now

Have you tried the Brazil Butt Lift yet? Please come back and write your own review after you buy the Brazil Butt Lift.

Everything You Need To Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift!

In our world today, we are all struggling to get a better body, and faster results! We never want to spend too much money on the latest fitness fad, but wonder if the money is worth it. One fitness program that is undeniably worth both your time and money, is the Brazilian Butt Lift fitness program, created by Leandro Carvalho, a professional fitness guru and dancer from Brazil. In just 90 days, this fitness program will change your life, and give you fast, and amazing results.

The Brazilian Butt Lift was designed to sculpt and tone the rear side of your body, while helping you to lose inches off of your body. While most of us worry about a fitness program that will be difficult to stick to, and difficult to keep up with in your weight loss process, this program will give you no worries, and no regrets.

When you purchase this program, you will receive 3 DVDS that are sequential to your progress on the way to a tighter, more round rear end. This program has helped both regular women, actresses, and even supermodels to sculpt their hips, thighs, and rear end, in record timing!

The first DVD features 3 videos, and goes over all Leandro’s special tips, “booty-busting moves”, and no fail ways to acheive your greatest butt ever! The second video will engage you in a 35 minutes cardio blasting workout for your lower body. The third video is 10 minutes long which will give you all the best ways when you are on a short time limit.

The second DVD features 2 video workouts for your journey to a better bum bum. The first video is 35 minutes long and requires the booty resistance band which will begin to really make those inches fall off, and start lifting your bum bum. The second video is 50 minutes long, and begins the sculpting process of your entire body.

The third DVD features 2 fun and exciting videos. The first viedo is 30 minutes long, and is based on a dance cardio workout. It is fun and will keep you entertained while burning your fat fast! The last video on this workout is to help get you those flat abs, and burn belly fat quicker than you imagined.

Although it will take effort and self control to acheive the results you desire, Leandro’s system will help you get that bikini beach body before the summer. The workouts are never too difficult, and they are easy to keep up with for anyone in any shape. If you have been searching for the perfect body revolution system, this is definitely a recommended way to try it out one more time. You are guarunteed to see results in record time, as you will.

If you’re not happy with the look of your toosh, then I strongly suggest visiting the Brazilian Butt Lift Official Website and discovering more!

The Brazilian Butt Lift Review was Submitted by Ray Neuce, CL

Leandro Carvalho's Brazil Butt Lift

Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift is New York City’s premier fitness instructor.

After taking Leandro Carvalho’s Brazilian Butt Lift class every Thursday at Equinox Fitness Clubs, I absolutely fell in love with the workout and I started seeing results after just a few classes that I never got from any other fitness routine. Carvalho is a trainer to Victoria’s Secret model and is responsible for scultping their beautiful bodies.

With his new Brazilian butt lift DVD program, I was able to get the perfect butt without ever leaving my living room. Nothing about this workout is dull with squats, lunges and cardio you literally tone every part of your butt. The kit comes with 3 DVD’s which utilize the triangle training method which isolate and focus on all 3 parts of the butt, no plastic surgery necessary!

If you’re looking to lose weight and fit into your skinny jeans, this is the workout for you. The Victoria’s Secret models swear by Carvalho’s revolutionary training methods.

I wouldn’t dare skip a week of Leandro’s class and I’m so happy that I can finally do it at home on my own time! Leandro Carvalho’s Brazilian Butt Lift program is a little pricy at $59.95 but when you see the changes in your body, it will have been worth every last cent. If you’re willing to break a sweat and try something new, buy Leandro’s DVD. After all, who doesn’t want the perfect derriere?

Take a look at the official site for more information

This Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift Review was submitted by Jan Parsons, CA

Brazil Butt Lift Review

Below is my own Brazil Butt Lift Review

I am the type of person who has a build that just gets bulkier when I work out. Whenever I go to the gym and hit the treadmill or the elliptical trainer my muscles bulk out and make my frame appear larger. I really enjoy workint out and staying fit but I wanted a departure from those workouts that were making me build such large muscles. I heard from a friend about the Brazil Butt Lift and she told me it was used by Brazilian super models to get in shape. I figured if they could have a slim figure and stay taut with this workout then I could too.

What I found was that I had been doing the wrong workouts all along. I had been building muscle in all the wrong places and wasting my time doing cardio workouts that were wrong for my body shape. The workouts with the Brazil Butt Lift combined dance and cardio and the dvds changed up the workouts so my body did not plateau and get used to just one workout.

The Brazil Butt Lift was such a relief and positive change for my body. I picked up a copy from the site

The workouts lifted my rear and toned my legs while keeping them slim and toned. Instead of amplifying the amount of muscle on my body Brazil Butt Lift amplified my workout and resulted in a slim yet curvy and strong figure.

If you want results like this aswell, consider visiting the merchant site and buying your own copy?

This Brazil Butt Lift Review was submitted by Caroline Purdy, VW